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Director — Currentlab, 2011 – present
Research initiative devoted to the development of new media arts education, developing curriculum, teaching tools, and best practices for visual arts educators.

StudioLab (2010-2011)
StudioLab is a collaborative space merging laboratory experiments and data analysis in the social science tradition with computer gaming and aesthetic design in the fine arts context. I have taken the lead in designing and implementing the curriculum for the Games 4 Girls camp, included as part of StudioLab's outreach component.


Book Chapters
Keifer-Boyd, K., Knight, W., Knochel, A., Liao, C., Meier, M. E., Patton, R. M., Shin, R. & Sweeny, R. W. (2014). Moving mountains: Leadership, boundary shifts, and cyberformance. In J. Essid & D. J. Hickey (Eds), Identity and Leadership in Virtual Communities: Establishing Credibility and Influence. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Taylor, P. G. & Patton, R. M. (2014). Living in the “Lab”: Risks and rewards of virtual world education. In M. Stokrocki (Ed.) Explorations in virtual worlds: New digital media literacy investigations. Reston, VA: NAEA.

Patton, R. & Kenyon, M. (2010). Physical computing and video game art education in R. Sweeny (Ed.), Digital visual culture: Interactions and intersections in 21st century art education. Reston, VA: Nation Art Education Association.

Sweeny, R. W. & Patton, R. M. (2009). Citysneak: Play, pedagogy & surveillance in A. de Souza e Silva & D. Sutko (Eds.), Hybrid reality and location-based games: Reconfiguring social and urban networks via locative media. New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing.

Refereed Journals
Patton, R. M. & Buffington, M. (in press). Keeping up with our students: The evolution of technology and standards in art education. Arts Education Policy Review.

Knochel, A. & Patton (in press). As we may publish (or perish): Digital scholarship and the future(s) of art education. International Journal of Education Through Art.

Patton, R. M. (in press). Games that art educators play: Games in the historical and cultural context of art education. Studies in Art Education.

Patton, R. M. (2013). Games as an artistic medium: Investigating complexity thinking in game-based art pedagogy. Studies in Art Education, 55(1), 35-50.

Patton, R. (2010). Obstructing the view: An argument for the use of obstructions in art education pedagogy. Journal of Social Theory in Art Education, 30(1), 49-59.

Patton, R. (2007). Animations in a Flash. SchoolArts.107(4).

Patton, R. (2005). “Why” Project: Art in the Aftermath. Visual Arts Research, 31(1), 35-80.

Under Review

Knochel, A. D. & Patton, R. M. If Art Education Then Critical Digital Making: Computational Thinking and Creative Code.


Grants & Awards

Grants Awarded
2013-2014 Awarded a VCU Presidential Research Quest Fund grant of $51,750 for Learning from Digital Game Design: Developing Digital Literacies for the Creative Classroom.

2012 Awarded a VCU Arts Deans Exploratory Research grant of $2,130 for Game Making Within an Art Curriculum. [Completed.]

2012 Co-awarded a $500 grant from VCU Service Learning Project Award for Bringing Reusable Materials to Richmond. [Completed.]

Grants Under Review
Learning from Digital Game Design, National Endowment for the Arts


Recipient of Penn State University Alumni Association Dissertation Award, 2011

Recipient of Penn State University Graham Fellowship Award, 2006-2007
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